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3D Samhail ag VKModels

Jack Pailléid - Ard Mionsonraithe.


Tá Obj, 3ds, comhaid fbx agus max, comhbhrúite i gcomhaid zip leis na hábhair go léir, agus na fillteáin.

Tá uas-ábhair chaighdeánacha 3ds agus ábhair Vray san áireamh. le .mat agus .mtl

Déanann polagáin 63.011 atrialltaí 2 réidh


Mionsonraithe go leor do dhréacht-rindreáil.

Hydraulic trolley - a pallet conveyor used to move goods manually, mainly on pallets (pallets). It differs from ordinary trolleys in the presence of a hydraulic jack, which raises and lowers the forks of the trolley with the help of rods and levers.

Hydraulic trolleys are widely used in various kinds of warehouses, shops, etc. In large warehouse complexes, despite the use of forklifts and stackers, such trolleys are also widely used.

There are manual hydraulic carts and self-propelled.

Sooner or later, almost any business, unless of course, it develops, enters the stage when the rental of a warehouse becomes a necessity. If a large volume of products is stored in the warehouse, or these products are heavy or bulky, then it is obvious that we need equipment for the warehouse, with which we can move our goods from one part of the warehouse to another, as well as carry out loading and unloading operations of cars trucks, container ships, and wagons. At the moment, the most popular equipment in the warehouse is a hydraulic trolley, or, as you can hear among the people - rock, dead, or dead.

Probably, each of us driving in a query in the search engines: a hydraulic trolley to buy, I was wondering why such obscure words pop up on this query: like buy a price or buy a rock. The answer is actually very simple, the first company to start producing carts of this type was the Finnish company Rocla.

Carts for standard pallets, which are used most often, have a fork length of 1150 and 1220 millimeters. However, there are often situations when it is inconvenient to work with carts with standard forks, for example, inside a freight truck, or in a railway carriage. In such cases, we recommend you to buy a jar with a pitchfork length of 800 or 900 millimeters. If you have a non-standard pallet, or you need to transport two pallets at a time, you can buy junk with a fork length of 2000 millimeters.


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  • Vertices: 39708
  • Polaigíní: 63011
  • Céimseata: Polagánach
  • Animated: Uimh
  • ábhair: Is ea
  • rigged: Uimh
  • Uigeachtaí: Is ea
  • Formáidí comhaid: Stiúideo 3D (.3ds), comhad Max Stiúideo 3D (.max), Wavefront (.obj)
  • Breiseáin: V-Ray
  • NID: 30046
Aitheantas Múnla 3D: 197099

Arna fhoilsiú ar: Márta 19, 2012
Ealaíontóir 3D: VKModels